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About Us.

Light Poetic’s design process begins with recognizing a space and its key design elements in collaboration with architects, interior designers, and our clients.

Our efforts as lighting designers are to search for the ideas and greatest potential to illuminate a space with a balance of soft and bold, direct and indirect, subtle and vibrant, light and shadow, and decorative and architectural. Our lighting is carefully tailored, with the posture of a space elegantly and naturally integrated. All decisions are based on the project specifics.

We love the challenge of transforming problems into advantages, delighting our clients with unexpected surprises whilst maintaining quality, and the exploration of new intellectual territory in both the material and detail realms.


The human touch is significant for us. We design for humanity and enjoy having our clients see light poetically and meaningfully.


Light Poetic 的設計始於對於空間的認知。在與建築師、室內設計師、景觀設計師及業主共同合作之下,充分瞭解成就每個空間關鍵性的設計項目。







Our Team.

Ya-Hui Cheng  鄭雅慧

Design Director

Melbourne Australia


Photo : Ponch Hawkes

Xin-Mei Zeng  曾歆媄

Senior Lighting Designer


YY headshot bk crop.jpg
Yang Yi-Tzu 楊懿慈

Senior Lighting Designer


ryan photo updated.jpg
Ryan Kung 龔韋誠

Lighting Designer


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