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Ryan Kung 龔韋誠

Lighting Designer

Ryan is a graduate of Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU), Taiwan, majoring in business management and worked in the Business Management field before deciding to turn to design.


Ryan commenced his design career as an Interior Designer at Long Tree Interior Decoration Ltd. and is currently working on his master's degree in Architecture at Ming Chuan University Institute of Architecture.

According to Ryan, he stepped into the world of light and shadow accidentally but would now like to use lighting design to write a story for each space.

2023   Received IES international illumination award of Merit.


           Received LIT award - Winner of Ambient Lighting.

                                            - Winner of Hospitality Lighting.

Professional Experience:




Lighting designer, LightPoetic International

Ming Chuan University Institute of Architecture, Taipei Taiwan

Long Tree Interior Decoration Ltd., Taipei

韋誠畢業於臺灣中原大學,主修商業管理,在決定轉向設計之前曾在該領域工作過。他曾在Long Tree Interior Decoration Ltd.擔任室內設計師。


2023年 榮獲IES國際照明設計 - 室内照明設計優秀獎


​             榮獲LIT國際照明設計 - 酒店照明設計優勝獎

                                                - 環境照明設計優勝獎      





照明設計師, Light Poetic International, 臺北

銘傳大學建築學院, 臺北

長樹室內裝飾有限公司, 臺北

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