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We Are Looking For Talent

Light Poetic welcomes designers to join the practice.

We want to work with the best talent from across the industry and develop our people to grow within our practice. With people from diverse backgrounds, we nurture innovation and flexibility to deliver extraordinary projects.

Light Poetic is currently set up in Melbourne and Taipei, not only allows you to work with a range of talented individuals on exciting projects across the world but also access to a host of benefits. We are committed to the development of our people and providing them benefits and initiatives to support their professional and personal lives.

  • Senior / Project Lighting Designer (5 years experience at least)

  • Lighting Designer Assistant (1 years experience at least)

  • Lighting Designer - Part time 

If you are interested in joining us, please send your resume or portfolio to our mailbox. (




執影照明設計目前有設立墨爾本與台北兩地,讓您能夠與世界各地才華橫溢的人士合作開展令人興奮的項目。 我們致力於員工的發展,為他們提供福利,以支持他們的職業和個人生活。

  • 高級/專案照明設計師(至少5年經驗)

  • 照明設計師助理(至少1年經驗)

  • 照明設計師 - 兼職


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